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Air Handling Unit Refurbishment

Allcool London offer project based installations, planned preventative maintenance and breakdown services that cover all aspects of mechanical and electrical services including Air Handling Unit Refreshment.

What do we Offer?

Allcool London carry out Air Handling Unit (AHU) refurbishments, this will include replacement or rebuilding of the below:

  • ·  Heating and Cooling Coils (LPHW, Chilled Water & DX)
  • ·  Fans and Motors
  • ·  Filter Frames & Filters
  • ·  Thermal Wheels and Heat Recovery
  • ·  Corrosion Repair
  • ·  Moisture Eliminators
  • ·  Condense Trays and Pipework

Allcool specialise in the refurbishment, replacement and rebuilding of:

Heating and Cooling Coils

Fans and Motors

Filter Frames & Filters

Thermal Wheels and Heat Recovery

Corrosion Repair

Moisture Eliminators

Condense Trays and Pipework

Improve energy efficiency

Refurbishment can improve energy efficiency and performance:

  • • Reducing running costs
  • • Increasing efficiency
  • • Minimum service disruption
  • • Re-commission & Re-balancing
  • • Guarantees future of existing equipment

Our specialist site service helps clients solve system problems by offering solutions
and resolving issues with:

  • • Logistics
  • • Temperature
  • • Air distribution/Balancing
  • • System Downtimes