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Consultancy Services

Allcool London offer project based installations, planned preventative maintenance and breakdown services that cover all aspects of mechanical and electrical services including Consultancy Services.

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What do we Offer?

With over 100 years combined experience in the redesign, design, remanufacture, manufacture and installation of heat exchange systems, Allcool have proven ability in the support and optimisation of heat exchange systems.

Our consultation services are based on designing bespoke cooling and heat exchange systems and the redesign of aged or underperforming systems in power generation and CHP installations.

Our design and redesign services will optimise cooling system capabilities and reduce energy consumption.

Allcool are accomplished in being able to advise on and/or redesign cooling systems which have inherent health and safety or service issues.

All consultations result in a comprehensive report.

Key Allcool Services

Chemical Cleaning

Remedial repairs



Pressure Testing

Site removal and installation