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Industrial Coolers

Allcool London offer project based installations, planned preventative maintenance and breakdown services that cover all aspects of mechanical and electrical services including Industrial Coolers.

What do we Offer?

Allcool can clean, repair, remanufacture, design, manufacture and install air cooled cooling coils as a condenser or evaporator on a chiller unit, remote cooling of a generator or water cooled compressor.  Our experienced and capable team of on-site engineers allow us to offer all the services above and more. Alongside our Computer aided Design (CAD) and our computer aided manufacture (CAM) investments, our workshops are equipped with Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machinery, which enables us to construct DAC units to the clients application specific requirements and to a high engineering standard.(ISO 9001:2008).

Our Oil Coolers

Allcool manufacture/supply and service a wide variety of oil coolers from small plate, shell in tube and aluminium air blast for the following applications to name but a few


Engine cooling

CHP/Heat recovery


Process heating and cooling

Site removal and installation